Become Official With Your Business & Brand

Easy solution for New small-Business Owners to Register their Business, File business license/permit, Trademark & Become Compliant. A full suite of Small Business Setup.



Helping small business owners Register their brand, get licensed & become official with their LLC, Non-Profit, C-Corp & S-Corp.

We provide easy solution strategies and affordable services to register your business. Beyond that is a full suite of startup services (Business Plan & Grant Proposal Writeup + Bookkeeping services). We're a Company with a goal focused on providing efficient, professional, and reliable financial services to help you go through the steps necessary to build a profitable business (LLC, Nonprofit, S-Corp, C-corp) and become official with your brand and business. We're working overtime to help potential & small businesses as you start, upgrade, acquire financial wellness and build generational wealth.

Monetize your SKILLS, double your income


Simply put...I’m gonna teach you how to genuinely start your business, scale your business through PROFITABLE business coaching strategies so that You can live life on your own terms.


Giving Back To My Community

As an African Immigrant mom, I have earned a reputation as a reliable business consultant and independent resource on personal and small-business credit within my community. My current role as a CEO and Co-founder of Redeem Services LLC enables me to develop educational programs and content for small business owners to thrive and build wealth. I am on a MISSION to Serve!

I have a passion for helping new & aspiring business owners set up and register their businesses and get licensed and compliant. With my 8+ years of banking and finance background, I have helped over 5k new business access millions of dollars in startup and growth funds.
So stop daydreaming about starting or building a business. Instead, you can leverage your current 9-5 job and monetize the skills you already have to build wealth. So if you're wondering what it will take for you to have a sustainable business that will support your family without worrying about taking up some crazy part-time job to make ends meet, Here is your chance to write a new story for the rest of your life.

How I can help you:

*Small Business Startup Formation-All 50 States*

LLC & Non-Profit Legal


Business License/Permit & Trademark Filling

Business Plan & Grant Proposal



Hey Goal Getters!

Are you struggling with knowing exactly what to do to start and scale your small business?

Do you find yourself lost in your dreams and business ideas while others are lucrative and blooming in their businesses?

Do you ever wonder if becoming a successful entrepreneur is in your future?

If your answer is yes to even one of these questions, you will be happy to know that thousands of business opportunities exist. Be it an online business from home or a brick-and-mortar location. What was once a dream is now a very tangible reality.

You no longer have to stay stuck or confused.

I have put together a simple but comprehensive guide to help you identify the right ✅️ documents and requirements for your small business setup and get you registered and ready for the bag (money).


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